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Sanitized is a more well-known brand worldwide. The Sanitized chemical is sprayed onto the covers. Sanitized works as a prevention against the dust-mites by breaking down their food source like: dead skin, dust particles…etc. Thus, the dust-mites are unable to survive without their main source of food. Another additional function of the Sanitized is, there’s also elimination of odors/smell since it is anti-fungi, anti-bacterial. Sanitized treatment can withstand up to 50 washes, the chemical will be reduced with every washing.

Benefits of Sanitized

-              No growth of bacteria

-              No infestation with dust mites

-              No unpleasant odors

-              Longer Freshness and comfort

-              Hygiene Protection

-              Asthma and allergy prevention

-              Mildew and mold protection

-              Longer service life and functionality

-              Dermatological tested


1. 90% Goose Down Quilt

-             Supreme 370 TC, jacquard cotton twill cover with printed vines

-             Sanitized Protected (Anti-dust mite, anti-bacteria, anti-fungi)

-             Lightweight & durable

-             Breathable & anti-perspiration

-             Fluff & air frequently to maintain loft & softness

-             Good for all season

-             Warm during cool weather (insulation), cool during warm weather

-             Very fluffy

-             Not suitable for people with sensitive nose

-             Suitable for tropical weather as the density is lighter

-             Dry clean only. Air thoroughly after dry cleaning


2. Silk Quilt

-              Extra comfort & more luxurious feel

-              100% cotton twill cover (370 TC)

-              Superior natural silk

-              Sanitized protected

-              Ideal for all climates but good for summer conditions

-              Breathable

-              Anti-perspiration for luxury & comfort

-              Exclusive handmade point stitch striped cotton sateen casing

-              Thin & cooling

-              Fluff & air frequently to maintain loft & softness

-              Dry clean only. Air thoroughly after dry cleaning


3. 100% Cotton

-              100% combed cotton cover (250 TC)

-              Sanitized protected

 -             Excellent moisture absorbency

 -             Lightweight & cool

 -             Ideal for hot & humid climates

 -             Elegant box stitching cotton sateen casing

-              Thinnest type of quilt

-              Fluff & air frequently to maintain loft & softness

*The above are natural fillings for the premium range.  For customers who are allergic to natural fillings, synthetic fillings will be a better choice.


4. 7 Hole Hollow Fibre Quilt

-             Polyester fibre punched with 7 holes within the fibre (250 TC) to allow air flow through quilt

-              100% combed cotton cover

-              It allows air circulation within the quilt thus then quilt can ‘breathe’ better.

-              It more suitable for people who prefer warmer quilt, especially in the air-conditioned room.

-              Retains softness & shape

-              Sanitized protected

-              Lightweight & cool

-              Easy maintenance

-              Feels like down

-              Suitable for summer condition

-              More ventilation & more fluffy

-              Fluff & air frequently to maintain loft & softness


5. Microfibre Quilt

 -             Super fine, ultra-fine polyester that is so soft, it known as goose down alternative.

 -             100% combed cotton cover (300 TC)


6. Polyester

-              100% cotton cover (180 TC)

-              Retains softness & shape

-              Lightweight & cool

-              Easy maintenance

-              Anti- allergy: suitable for people with sensitive nose