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NB Memory Foam Topper

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NB Memory Foam Mattress Topper(7cm height).

The Pressure relief system redistributes your body weight evenly,

cushioning your body for a good night's rest.

Anti-dust mites, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Fungus.

Ventilated topper promotes airflow to cool the topper.

The Bamboo blended cover gives a cool touch.

Odorless and Hypo-allergenic. Good Quality and smooth.

Machine-washable cover with skid-resistant back


NB Memory Foam Topper is suitable for individuals who

wants a spongy  pressure relief topper that provides

a hotel feels when sleeping.

This topper is popular amongst sleepers who

want a new comfortable feel to their bed without

changing their bed. It provides a convenient option

to achieve a good night's rest.


Fabric: Velour Fabric

Filling: Memory Foam

Sizes: SINGLE: 92 X 190 X 7cm  Weight : 9KG

     SUPER SINGLE:: 107 X 190 X 7cm Weight : 10KG 

          QUEEN: 152 X 190 X 7cm  Weight : 13KG

           KING: 183 X 198 X 7cm  Weight : 15KG