• NB Polyester Bolster
  • NB Polyester Bolster
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NB Polyester Bolster

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Super Firm Polyester Bolster

Filled with 100% premium polyester ball fiber. 

Treated with Photocatalyst Technology from Japan

Anti-dust mites, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Fungus.

Odorless. Hypo-Allergenic. Good Quality.  

Machine or hand wash at 40°c and dry in a tumble dryer.

Do not bleach. Dry cleaning is recommended.

NB Super Firm polyester bolster is suitable for

individuals who prefer to hug springy super firm bolsters to sleep.


Fabric: 100% Cotton(Downproof)

Filling: 100% Polyester (Ball Fiber)

Filling Weight:1100gms


Dimension: 17 x 92 cm